Preventive Dentistry

If you have ever sat in a dentist’s chair and wished that there was something you could have done differently to avoid that filling, root canal or surgical treatment, then what you have been wishing for is our Prevention Programme.

The Curaden Dental Clinic has moved from solely offering traditional dental treatments – such as simply pulling teeth and filling holes – to a modern, preventive care approach that will help you to keep your own teeth strong and healthy for a lifetime. With modern dental treatments and oral hygiene products it is possible to prevent, or at least substantially reduce, dental decay and gum disease – the two main causes of tooth loss.

Our dentists assess your specific preventive dentistry needs and develop a personalized plan of action for you and your family. This includes:

  • Explaining, demonstrating and teaching the best methods of brushing to remove the build-up of dental plaque.
  • Advice about a whole array of dental products that you can use to help keep your whole mouth clean.
  • How diet affects oral health.

For your part, you should keep to this new plan of action and book regular check-ups with our dentists and visits to the hygienist. This collaborative relationship between you, your dentist and your hygienist puts preventive dentistry at the forefront. You will totally change the way you look at your dental health.

Talk to us about keeping your and your families teeth healthy for a long time.