Welcome to Curaden Dental Clinic

Curaden dental clinics India Pvt. Ltd. Bengaluru is a joint venture between Global Tech Park , India an investment company with interests in the area of Real – Estate , IT , design engineering and Curaden Group , Switzerland. This has been conceived by our visionary Managing Director and a dedicated team that wants to bring the very best of dentistry from USA and Europe via Curaden India.

Normally, dentists focus on dental treatments like fillings, extractions, and so forth. We prefer to devote far more of our time and effort to helping patients to avoid such things. Of course, we still offer a whole range of professional dental care services, and, to go still further, we also provide dedicated advice, support and recommended oral health products to encourage prevention to stave off the need for treatment.

Our aim is your benefit

From an early age we are told to brush our teeth. But are we taught to do it the right way? How many of us know the best way? The products we should be using? Our friendly staff are committed to helping all of our patients to strive towards maintaining oral health and maximize the lifespan of the teeth.

Why Choose Curaden

  • We are dedicated to prevention, not just remedial dentistry.
  • We give you the tools and advice you need to prevent tooth decay and promote oral health.
  • Comprehensive dental care under one roof.
  • Specialization in Implants , Cosmetic Dentistry , Orthodontics & Painless Treatment.
  • Curaden Group develops its own products to keep your teeth strong throughout your life.
  • We provide you with the convenience of in-clinic option for purchasing our oral health products.
  • Our skilled and highly experienced teams are able to offer you the latest dental know-how and advice.
  • High End Sterilization Process.
  • We always do our best to provide pain-free treatment in a comfortable, professional environment.
  • Our state-of-the-art dental technology is guaranteeing state-of-the-art treatments.
  • We offer a great service based on Swiss quality at reasonable prices and flexible finance options.
  • Our convenient opening times, including Sundays.
  • Our dental clinic is easily accessible, in Bangalore’s City centre.
  • You can book your dental visits online, by email or over the phone.

Walk Through The Clinic

The Curaden dental clinics are dedicated to promoting healthy, beautiful teeth and a great smile. We are unique with an innovative concept, state-of-the art equipment and facilities. Our highly qualified professionals provide outstanding services in all areas of dentistry under one roof and strive to meet the requirements of adiverse clientele for continuous opening times and have staff who are the very best in their fields. Our centers of expertise in the heart of London welcome every one of all ages.

A team of internationally trained and experienced; highly qualified dental specialists providing world class experience.

At Curaden dental clinics you will consistently experience the most modern and cutting edge dental care

  • internationally experienced dentists and specialists and extremely warm and friendly staff
  • a soothing ambience and non-intimidating environment that puts you at ease
  • all 6 days / week, ample parking availability, kids play area, free Wi-Fi, etc
  • great value for money.