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Bleeding gums, bad breath, loose teeth all could be an indication that you are suffering from bad gum health. Its time to visit our specialist Periodontist at Curaden dental clinic.

Gums and bone underneath are the supporting structures of teeth. No point in having healthy teeth but unhealthy gums.

Red, bleeding gums if untreated could lead to loss of bone and spreading infection to deeper structures, Which in turn will make teeth loose and eventually fall out.

Simple cleaning, deep cleaning and if need be gum surgeries can all save the teeth from falling or being removed.


Once the gum health is restored back, regular visits for maintenance and good dental hygiene practice make a big difference to longevity of dental health. After all we get only one set of teeth as adults and can’t afford to lose them.

Curaden is committed to promoting oral health and best practice service from dental clinics for a happier, healthier future.