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Curaden Dental Clinic are specialists in all things dental, from regular check-ups and hygienist appointments to orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, dental prosthetics and all manner of oral surgical needs. Our highly skilled team are here to protect, advise on and treat your teeth with care.

Your teeth are as unique as the rest of you is – to find out more about how you can take the very best care of yours, you should ask one of our dentists for a preventative dentistry assessment. In the meantime, here are a few tips and tricks that could help you to look after your teeth better.

Teeth cleaning is not a one-style-fits-all, it must be adjusted to suit a person’s individual oral anatomy, age and abilities. Get advice from our Curaden Dental Clinic experts on the best way for you. Perfect, gentle and effective teeth cleaning is not something you can learn just from reading about it in a book or online. Our experts are ready to check your cleaning routine and offer suggestions for improvement where necessary.

However, it is worth taking a little time to gather some good information on dental care, and that’s why we’ve included the following guides and advice:

Most people feel that to scrub as hard as you can is the best way to clean teeth, but this risks damaging both teeth and gums. It is far better to position your brush at an angle – half on the gums, half on the teeth – and clean in short circular movements, ideally without much pressure.

Get a few helpful tips from this video >>

Hold the brush at an angle, push it in a little, straighten it, push it right through. Pull it out, you’re done.

See how simple using an interdental brush can be by watching this video >> 

Bad breath can come from a bacterial coating on your tongue, in your tongues fissures, and in the spaces between your teeth. The CTC tongue cleaner is amazingly effective. Its anatomically correct shape improves its cleaning capacity and its effects can be seen and smelled – success from the first time you use it.

Watch this video on how to use our CTC tongue cleaner >>

While decay destroys the individual tooth, periodontal disease affects the entire attachment apparatus of the tooth – firstly the gums and then gradually the jawbone and the tissue that connects the root of the tooth to the bone. Periodontal disease is also caused by bacteria and builds up slowly over decades. Unlike tooth decay, damage to the periodontium can hardly ever be repaired and often tooth loss is the result. Even worse, the risk of cardiovascular disease increases with periodontal disease.

The first signs of incipient periodontitis are inflamed or bleeding gums. One in five people over the age of 40 is affected – at this age, more people lose their teeth due to periodontitis than through tooth decay.

curaden periodontitis

Lack of care is not only harmful for teeth and gums. If the bacterial toxins from the mouth enter the inflamed gums and get into the bloodstream, they put the heart, lungs, brain and the immune system in danger.

As a protection against cardiovascular diseases, family doctors recommend a healthy diet, exercise and proper dental care.

People who pay special attention to their gum line reduce the risk of gum disease and its consequences.

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