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Dental solutions with Tooth implants

Curaden dental clinic provides the most advanced Implant treatments with expertise.

Do you have one or multiple missing teeth?

Do you have all your teeth missing or are you a denture wearer?

Is your dental condition such that most or all teeth need to be extracted?

If you belong to any of the above categories, then you should consider dental implants as a predictable solution that will provide you with stable and long term replacement.

A dental implant, like a tooth root, serves as the connection to the bone that anchors the tooth in place. Our Implantologist will place the implants and after they are securely fused with the bone, our Implant Prosthodontist will attach the Prosthesis.

Implant Treatments

  • Single Implant
  • Teeth in a day
  • Implant Overdentures
  • Implants for smile make over

Curaden is committed to promoting oral health and best practice service from dental clinics for a happier, healthier future.