Dr. Amrutha Dasari

Endodontist and Conservative Dentistry specialist,

Dr. Amrutha, an esteemed Endodontist and Conservative Dentistry specialist, brings a blend
of academic brilliance and compassionate care to our team at Curaden Dental Clinic. .
Graduating as a gold medalist and top student from Lenora Institute of Dental Sciences, in
both her BDS and Postgraduate Diploma in Endodontics, she exemplifies the pinnacle of
dental proficiency.

Over her six-year journey in dentistry, Dr. Amrutha has prioritized the dental well-being of
her patients. She has also shared her knowledge and mentored future dental professionals as a
Senior Lecturer at her alma mater. Dr. Amrutha is renowned for her ability to turn dental
visits into comfortable and caring experiences. Her preventive approach to dental health,
combined with her expertise in endodontics, ensures that each patient’s journey is
characterized by comfort and trust.

Joining the team at Curaden, Dr. Amrutha brings a unique blend of skill and care to her
practice. Her approach to dentistry combines advanced techniques with a focus on patient
comfort and preventive care, making each visit more than just a procedure, but a genuinely
reassuring experience for patients and a positive contribution to our team.

Dr. Amrutha Dasari
BDS, PGD (Endodontics)

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